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Sambala property viewing hotel Sambala hotel Cape Verde Travel to Santiago to view Sambala

If you are travelling to Santiago, Cape Verde to visit the Sambala development, to the East of Praia, there are flights to Santiago direct from Lisbon, or you can choose to fly direct from Gatwick or Manchester to Cape Verde and then fly on from Sal.

Where to stay when visiting Sambala, Santiago, Cape Verde Islands

There are two business hotels just outside Praia, in the Embassy District. Choose from the Pestano Tropico or the Oasis Praiamar.

Dining when looking at Cape Verde property

Breakfast is served in both hotels, and you have the possibility of full or half board .

Viewing Sambala

If you try and go and visit the Sambala development on an ad-hoc basis, you will probably not be able to gain entry to the building works as there is a gate patrol. You would be better off organising to view Sambala with their staff who can accompany you and show you round, and it will save money on the taxi (about 40 euros).

Viewing Sambala from the air

If you have your camera ready (which mine wasn't), and you are sitting on the correct side of the small plane, you may be lucky enough when you fly in to Santiago to take a better photo than the one on this page.

What else to do in Praia

You can play tennis, swim, snorkel, visit Cidade Velha, or go on an island tour. Visit estate agents in Praia, to see what is available locally and to give you an idea of local pricing. If you hire a car, it is easy to get lost as the roads are not signed. There are plenty of taxis and arranged tours are possible. If you have more than a few days to spend, you could consider staying in Tarrafal as well, to the North of the island. This is where the Santiagans have their holiday homes, and there is a very attractive beach with white sand and some palm trees. There is a fruit market in the centre of Praia and a lively fish market at the port in Praia.

Possible itineraries for travelling to Sambala property Cape Verde

  1. Fly from Lisbon to Santiago. Spend 6 nights in Santiago in Pestano Tropico/Praiamar(Praia/Praia and Tarrafal). There are many connections to Lisbon from the UK and we can advise the routes. This is generally the cheapest way of spending about a week in Praia.
  2. Fly from Gatwick or Manchester to Sal. Spend one night or more in Sal and continue to Santiago by plane. View Sambala, spend a few days in Praia. Return via Sal and take direct flight back to UK. (We recommend that you spend the first night in Sal as it can be a long wait in a small airport for the flight to Santiago - why not go and enjoy the beach and come back refreshed the next day? On the way back, we recommend at least a night in Sal to make sure that you catch your flight back to the UK).
  3. Visit Santiago take time to view the property at Sambala and visit some other islands while you are there - Fogo, Maio and Sao Vicente have the best current air connections with Santiago. There are properties for sale in all of these islands and you may be interested to compare.

How much will it cost?

We will give you a quotation for your chosen itinerary. Because we purchase through wholesalers who negotiate very special bulk discounts with the hotels and the airlines, the total price should be less than what you could buy it for yourself. We can also provide Cape Verde entry visas.

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