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From the UK there are direct flights to Sal and Boavista only. From Ireland, there are no direct flights to the Cape Verde Islands. From Lisbon - there are direct flights to Sal, Sao Vicente, Santiago and Boavista. The more remote islands such as Fogo and Maio can be reached by Santiago. Santa Antao and most remote island of Brava can only be reached by ferry or ship. See below how to fly/reach each Cape Verde Island.

Inter island flights can be difficult and time consuming to book and are nearly always full. Planning and booking your trip to the outer islands well in advance is recommended. We require a minimim of four weeks to book a holiday to any island other than Sal or Boavista. Although there are cargo ships travelling around the islands, these travel in mysterious ways, and the time tables are impossible to find. For this reason we recommend flying, unless you have lots of time and no deadlines.

Flights to Sal, Cape Verde

Flights to Boavista, Cape Verde

Flights to Santiago, Cape Verde

Flights to Sao Vicente, Cape Verde

Flights to Fogo, Cape Verde

Flights to Santa Antao, Cape Verde

Flights to Sao Nicolao, Cape Verde

Flights to Maio, Cape Verde

Flights to Brava, Cape Verde



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