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Cape Verde visa

Entry visa required to enter Cape Verde Cape Verde nationals do not require visas Yachts arriving at Sal must report to airport

Most tourists and business people require Cape Verde entry visas for travel to the Cape Verde Islands. There are several ways to get these visas.

1. If you are arriving from a country which doesn't have a Cape Verdean Embassy, you can queue up at the airport and purchase a Cape Verde visa for euros cash. Due to recent government rule changes, we have heard accounts of large queues building up at the airport. When several international flights arrive simultaneously, the queues may lengthen.

2. Some tour operators offer visas as part of their package. We can advise which these are.

3. If you buy flight-only, it is most unlikely that a visa will be included. Sometimes the wording on sites can be very confusing.

4. If you book through Cape Verde Jetaway, we can organise your visa. Full valid passport details are required and passports must have 6 months validity as of date of exit from Cape Verde Islands. Tourist visas are valid for up to four weeks and we will need your details at least 10 days before travel. For stays longer than four weeks you will need to pay extra, either paying the local police before you leave, or an extra amount on departure. If you need to extend your visa, you will require an accommodation voucher or proof of property ownership to present to the police. We are sorry, but we are only able to offer Cape Verde tourist visas to people booking through Cape Verde Jetaway.

5. If you are a frequent traveller to the Cape Verde Islands, and for periods longer than two weeks, you may wish to consider a Cape Verde multiple entry visa.

6. You can organise your visa through the Cape Verde honorary consul in Liverpool before you travel, or contact the Cape Verde Embassy in Rotterdam or Brussels.

7. It is possible to obtain a visa upon arrival at Sal. You will need to queue at the airport and pay cash in euros or Cape Verde Escudos.

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All information on visas is subject to change.

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