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These are the main flights of interest to those starting out from Gatwick, Manchester or Birmingham in the UK heading for Boavista, Cape Verde. There are also charter flights from several Italian airports.





Day of week

Depart time


Arrive Boavista




Gatwick   Thursday 0945 1430 direct weekly 7/14
Manchester   Friday 0900 1255 direct weekly 7/14
Lisbon   Saturday     direct weekly 7
Lisbon   Saturday     via Lisbon any
Sal   Daily     direct daily any
Brussels   Twice weekly 0600 1150 return via Sal any
Stansted * 21 Dec 2010-8 March 2011 Tuesday 0900 1355 direct weekly 7/14
Bristol ** 24 Dec 2010 - 11 Mar 2011 Friday 0900 1610 direct weekly 7/14

* Flight from Boavista back to Stansted touches down at Banjul. ** Bristol-Boavista flight touches down at Banjul on the way out to Cape Verde Islands.

Charter flights to Boavista from the UK

These flights are for 7 or 14 nights only, so if you want to go for any different duration, you would need to fly via another Cape Verde Island, or fly via Brussels or Lisbon. Boavista has most frequent flight connections with Sal, and Sal has many international flights. You may require an overnight stay in the Cape Verde Island you land in, and also on the way back.

Flights to Boavista from other Cape Verde Islands

If you are flying to Boavista from another Cape Verde Island, see details of the new route and timetable. This airline could be used for island hopping. There are also flights on TACV between the islands.

One way fares to Boavista

The one way fares are often the same price as the returns. Sometimes they are more expensive than the returns.

How to save money on flights to Boavista, The Cape Verde Islands

Close to departure date, prices may rise sharply. This holds true for most scheduled airlines including low cost carriers. Book early to take advantage of low fares. If you are able to avoid school holidays and half terms, you can often save money. If you wish to fly to several islands, plan in advance, so we can suggest the cheapest route. We can also offer a package from the UK or a package from Lisbon including charter flight and accommodation in a beach resort, or bed and breakfast.

The prices shown are minimum prices including all known supplements. Fares change constantly and rise significantly in high season and when flights are nearly full. Airport taxes and flight supplements are constantly changing.

Choose where to stay on Boavista

Accommodation tends to get booked up more quickly than the flights, as there are now direct flights coming in from all over Europe. Choose from the best hotels in Boavista ,budget hotels in Boavista

Please note that flight times are constantly changing and these are indicative only.

Enquire about holidays to Boavista

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