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CAPE VERDE inter island FLIGHTS on Halcyonair

A new airline Halcyonair has started up in the Cape Verde Islands, which is part Cape Verdean, part Portuguese owned. It is operating flights an ATR 42 and is planning to expand services soon. Below you will find the current flight timetable for Halcyonair. The route includes Sal, Boavista, Sao Vicente, Santiago and Fogo for island hopping holidays which commence in Sal, Boavista or Santiago (where international direct flights land), or day trips between the islands.

30/10/2008 to 28/03/2009










Sao Vicente




To Sal  

Mon 1840-1925

Tue 1245-1330



Sun 1925-2010

Wed 1725-1745

Sun 1440-1500

Mon 1235-1325

Tues 1830-1920

Wed 1045-1135

Thurs 1235-1325

Fri 1045-1135


no direct flight
To Santiago

Mon 0800-0845

Tue 1600-1645

Thurs 0800-0845

Sun 1530-1615


Wed 0820-0855

Fri 0820-0855


Mon 1720-1810

Tues 0925-1015

Wed 1510-1600

Thurs 1720-1810

Fri 1510-1600

Sat 0925-1015

Sun 1805-1855

Mon 1015-1045

Tue 1145-1215

Thurs 1015-1045

Sat 1145-1215

To Boavista

Wed 0740-0800

Fri 0740-0800

Sun 1400-1420

Wed & Fri


  no direct flight no direct flight
To Sao Vicente

Mon 1600-1650

Tue 0800-0850

Wed 1350-1440

Thurs 1600-1650

Fri 1350-1440

Sat 0800-0850

Mon 1115-1205

Tue 1715-1805

Wed 0925-1015

Thurs 1115-1205

Fri 0925-1015

Sat 1715-1805

no direct flight   no direct flight
To Fogo no direct flight

Tue 1045-1115

Thurs 0915-0945

Sat 1045-1115

no direct flight no direct flight  


Please note that flight times in the Cape Verde Islands are constantly changing and these are indicative only. Childrens discount 25%, infant discount 90%, stop overs not permitted. No show no refund. Cancellation no refund.

Guide prices of Cape Verde inter island flights on Halcyonair

Sal to Boavista return £ 88 per person

Sal to Santiago or Sao Vicente return £ 126 per person

Sal to Fogo return £ 135 per person

Santiago to Boavista return £ 106 per person

Enquire about day trips from Sal to other islands

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