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Espargos Sal Cape Verde Santa Maria Sal Cape Verde Sal Pedro de Lume harbour

The Cape Verde Islands are very different and that is their appeal. But it does mean that when staying and travelling there, nothing is quite as you might think! Even if you have travelled all round the world, the unique climate and mix of cultures and government influences mean that you could be in for a few surprises. This guide should be read before you set out.

We travel very regularly to the islands as we have been organising travel to the Cape Verde Islands since 2005. As property owners (we were the first British to purchase a villa on Sal), this enables us to live there part of the year and be part of the local community and mix with people who live and work on the island, as well as meet many Cape Verdeans who have migrated there from other islands.Clients are very helpful at giving feedback on return from their holidays, and we rely heavily on this to keep up to date particularly on restaurants and accommodation. Whenever people have come back and said they were surprised by something good or bad, we have added a section to try to eliminate surprises for future travellers. We are the people that others who write guides come to for information!

What's in the guide

Shopping and what to pack (including food for self-catering, clothes, other items)

Money - how to get good rates of exchange and how to beat the queues at the banks

Restaurants and Bars - only those that get good reviews are featured in our guide

Getting around and places to visit

Keeping in contact with the folks at home

Safety and health

Advice, tips and warnings - avoiding the mistakes others have made!

The author: Claire Ensor holds a degree in Physics, an MBA from Cranfield School of Management and a diploma in accounting and finance. She speaks French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. She enjoys sailing, windsurfing, tennis, swimming, and exploring new places, preferably by boat. In previous jobs she was described as a travel agent's nightmare as she managed to "bend" her airline tickets to get free trips to places like London, Vienna, the Bahamas and Bermuda.

The free guide to the Cape Verde Islands will enable you to make more of your stay and save money too! We provide this to all clients who travel with us.

Thinking of travelling to the Cape Verde Islands?

If you are thinking of travelling to the Cape Verde Islands and would like advice on where to travel and places to stay, please phone us for suggestions. Many people imagine that it's always cheaper to book travel "independently", but often it isn't, and we find many ways to save you time and money too.

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