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We offer hotels in the Cape Verde Islands of Sal, Boavista, Santiago, Fogo, Maio, Sao Nicolao and Sao Vicente. Cape Verde hotels are often more basic than hotels in other holiday destinations. There are none offering real room service for example. We have divided accommodation into superior, by the beach with all meals possible, or value in simpler accommodation without a pool, often a bit inland. Expect service to be quite slow, except at the best hotels. The larger superior hotels tend to have their own generators and water storage, whereas the smaller ones do not have this possibility, so if the town has an electricity/water cut, so do you! Some of these things are not fixed quickly. On the other hand, you are in for a voyage of discovery, staying in hotels unlike others you have visited, for a unique holiday experience. On the other hand, if you are looking for internationally rated 5* hotels such as the Ritz, or the Dorchester, you will be disappointed - the Cape Verde hotels are not for you. Call us and we will suggest alternative holiday destinations. There are of course, some Cape Verde locations described by others as 5 star. We have even seen one property developer describe a resort as 7 star. In these cases, stars are being sprinkled like confetti, and that's why we prefer to stick to superior and value for the time being.

You can stay in a simple Cape Verde hotel, with just a few rooms, to the largest most impersonal hotels owned by giant tour operators. There's a wide choice of Cape Verde hotels for your holiday and hopefully one to suit you.

Simply click on superior or value to choose the sort of hotel accommodation, and which Cape Verde Island you would like to travel to.





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